Will Smith "Gemini Man": 4 disappointing wisdom why this movie cinema boxes destroyed

While Will Smith is a name that is pretty sure to get the crowd in the cinema, Ang Lee's staging of a new 3D + science-fiction twist on Gemini Man has failed. How is that?

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The US also dropped out of the top seven in just two weeks, finishing fourth in the opening weekend: "Joker," "The Old Man's Movie," and "Snowman Everest" apparently picked off viewers, but maybe there was something behind it ...


Several media outlets have analyzed the "Twin Man" case and came to the conclusion that the plight of the film was plagued by multiple sides of the film, thus hopelessly limiting box office success. It's not all desperate - with a budget of just over $ 140 million, the movie still has at least a quarter of a billion stakes in big Hollywood games today.

Forbes unleashes what happened and finds that the film had, on the whole, four problems.

1. Bad reviews

Critics' ratings of the film were immediately and very downright shocking: Rotten Tomatoes, which compiles 100% ratings, generates an average critique index of 25%. Criticism reads like this: "The two-man's impressive visuals are backed by some strong actress roles, but the film is frustrated by the down-to-earth story."

Critics believe that the only reason to watch the movie at all is its visually innovative image: the extremely high frame rate (120 frames per second) allows you to convey an extremely realistic picture, especially in fast-moving situations, creating the appearance in reality. It also made it possible to create a very realistic, completely digitally created clone for Will Smith.


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Some even called the film a sort of demo-reel or video presentation made possible by 3D +. Others, on the contrary, despised the high frame rate, feeling that it made the experience just unplayable, finding it to resemble the motion smoothing effect hated by today's TV filmmakers, which artificially renders each film high-realistic. To thirds, the film resembled a Belfair Prince deepfake video ...

But the crowd seemed to be on the move, with the Rotten Tomatoes on the same page with an audience rating of 83%. However, the IMDB rating, which gathers all opinions, is also only 5.7 out of 10.

2. Will Smith still needs a franchise

Let's face it, Forbes finds: Will Smith is a figurehead who is not already missing from the movie theater. As with any market economy, this will lead to inflation because supply exceeds demand. In short, he is not Leonardo DiCaprio, who is being watched for his own sake, nor is he an exorcist who is fascinated by his deep acting talent. He's a light entertainment star, and a lot to please - "Men in Black," "Suicide Squad," "Bad Guys," "Aladdin," everything works great. However, he does not go out to the cinema for a new idea or unfamiliar story. But in the case of streaming, or being too lazy to get stuck, it is lucky: showing Smith's familiar face in Netflix's "Bright" cop movie is very good business.

3. Too awesome picture, but too weak

Critics were quite unanimous: if we were to remove the new technology from the formula to leave something to go to the movies. Predictable and cliché. But more is needed for the movie theater - especially because in many cinemas, this innovative film could not be shown at all in the required format. It was a major problem in the US, and as a result, the film earned less than a third of its cash revenue in the home market. Unfortunately, the movie gets exactly the way Ang Lee wants it to be (120 fps, 4K and 3D at a time), though only in a few Asian cinemas. It was also hoped, after a weak opening weekend, that China would still be snapping, but unfortunately, it also had a poor cash register.

4. Bad timing or tough competition

Like "LEGO movie" or "Black Panther," today's "Joker", which has earned more than $ 850 million, proved to be a competitor that outperforms other films. The Estonian hit comedy «Old Man's Film» also made things tense in Estonia. Thus, only those viewers who were too young for Joker, but too old for children's films, innovation fans and Will Smith fans stayed at the Twin Man. Fortunately enough, but not as many as they might have been at some other time.

Desperate for an end to his career, aging government assassin Henry Brogan (Will Smith) becomes the target of the "Double Man" for his own younger clone, who seems to know each of his next moves and moves. Escaping from a young and strong version of himself, Henry must uncover the dark background of the creation of the clone Junior and save the adolescent from the grim fate. Henry's ally becomes Danny (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a special agent originally sent to spy on him. By turning against his former employer, Henry discovers a corrupt system run by his ex-ex Clay Varris (Clive Owen). But Varris, a junior patron, has decided on Henry's paycheck, which pays off.

Director Ang Lee has also produced numerous Oscar-winning films "The Life of Pi" (2012) and "Brokeback Mountain" (2005), with one screenwriter David Benioff writing for "Game of Thrones" and the other Billy Ray writing for the highly acclaimed movie "Hunger Games" »Chapter One scenario. Starring Will Smith («Aladdin»), Mary Elizabeth Winstead («Cloverfield Road 10»), Clive Owen («Children of Man»), Benedict Wong («Doctor Strange») and others.

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