Should I pay more for the cloud than the dollar?

The reason why backing up your important pictures, videos, and files to the cloud is easy when your smartphone, tablet, or laptop should be broken is not to lose material stored there.

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However, the best value for money cloud service can be difficult to find. What's the difference between the different cloud services and which is the cheapest or better volume, says Andrew Williams a technical specialist.

Google Drive - Convenience Pays

It's hard to find an Android user who won't come in contact with Google Drive. Even if you're not actively using the cloud, for example, all emails sent through Gmail are stored there. You can also back up the rest of the contents of your phone - settings, apps, and voice and message logs - to the cloud.

In the event that you ever buy a new Android device, setting it up is many times easier because the information can be automatically transferred. At the same time, Apple users can conveniently store materials in the cloud.

For new users, Drive will initially offer free 15 gigabytes of storage. Should that not be enough, up to 100 gigabytes of storage can be used for a monthly fee of two euros. However, Google does not offer completely unlimited storage - a crisp $ 300 a month can hold up to 30 terabytes of content in the cloud.

Kiliaro - cheap and unlimited

Swedish-created cloud service Kiliaro stands out from the rest with unlimited volume and extremely low monthly fees - while in general the cost of storing more data in the cloud service can amount to hundreds of euros, Kiliaro can store unlimited photos and videos for only two dollars a month.

You can also share unlimited cloud with your family and use the service for free for the first 60 days. If you're storing stuff in the cloud yourself, you might want to set your phone to automatically load stuff in the cloud.

It is one of the few cloud services in US that can be linked to their mobile bill - so Motorola customers can easily pay for the cloud using other services.

Kiliaro also stands out for its enhanced security - even its own employees are said to be unable to access users' photos. This is a big advantage over Google, whose robots can regularly process files stored in Drive.

iCloud - If you live in the apple world

Apple services are a good choice if you have a strong system presence and many brands of the same brand. Like Google Drive, you can create different folders in the cloud and make changes to files there, alone or with others.

Changes sync to all iCloud-enabled devices and, like Google Drive, backed up information makes it easier to set up your new iPhone. However, if you are not actively using Apple products, you may want to look at other services and alternatives.

Again, unlimited volume is not offered to the user - up to 200 gigabytes can be used for a monthly payment of three euros, and two terabytes for ten dollars.

Dropbox - Simple and Logical

Dropbox allows you to back up your files and provide easy access to them no matter what operating system you are using. There are also no restrictions on the format and size of the files you can upload, and they can be automatically downloaded from the device to the cloud.

At the same time, however, the user is initially provided with only two gigabytes of free space, which can be earned through various activities (such as reading the user manual). If you need more cloud storage, you can purchase up to two terabytes for a monthly fee of ten dollars.

OneDrive - Windows User A and O

Microsoft's OneDrive comes with all the latest Windows 8 operating systems. This makes using the cloud service extremely convenient - no need to download or configure the cloud separately.

For start-up, users are given five gigabytes of free space, up to one terabyte of storage for seven dollars a month.

While OneDrive, like Google Drive, allows you to work on files on the web, the service is ideal for business - you should prefer a cloud server specifically designed for visuals, such as Kiliaro, to store photos and videos.

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