Kardashian's girlfriend pulls the thickest threads in the football world

Middle Eastern figures have been buying up various European football clubs for some time, and it looks like Newcastle United

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VovTube writes that 35-year-old Carla DiBello, who previously worked in the reality series, plays a very important role in the deal.

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She used to work for TV hits related to the Kardashian family, for example. It is a wonder in many parts of the world press that Kim Kardashian's good friend is involved in a giant quiz business that moves hundreds of millions of euros.

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What is happening now? Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is said to be seeking to buy a majority stake in Newcastle, and is being led by DiBello, who has a close relationship with the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund.

In the past, rumors have circulated that Saudi Arabia's most important family is trying to buy the Glazers' stake in Manchester United, but DiBello made it a point for the Saudis last year that perhaps a smaller club, such as Newcastle United, should be promoted. The first meeting on this subject took place last October on a luxury hunt, with both DiBello and the Crown Prince present.

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It would be a complete mega deal, as the Saudi royal family is apparently hoping to confront Manchester United, owned by United Arab Emirates bosses, and Saint-Germain, a close associate of the Emir of Qatar.

Boxing guru Eddie Hearn, who has previously worked with Saudi leaders, admitted to The Sun that Newcastle could become the richest team in the world. “They (Saudi - Ed.) Always play the biggest game. They do nothing, ”he referred to the mentality of potential buyers. “When they decide to buy a football club, they start spending a lot of money. They make United a top team. "

In any case, all the media in England is watching with interest as the DiBello-led negotiations progress. At the same time, it is surprising that in a transaction worth hundreds of millions, people with no financial background pull the threads.

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