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Jessica Simpson took to Instagram Tuesday to announce that she's lost 100 pounds in six months, after giving birth to her daughter Birdie Mae in March.

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The 39-yr-vintage former pop star (and cutting-edge businesswoman) shared the information along side pics of herself in a black get dressed cinched on the waist with a belt.

One of the photos suggests her protecting her holding her Birdie Mae. "6 months. One hundred pounds down (sure, I tipped the scales at 240 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)," Jessica wrote inside the caption. "My first journey away from #BIRDIEMAE and emotional for plenty reasons, but so proud to experience like myself again. Even if it felt impossible, I selected to work tougher."

Really, dropping 100 pounds in six months sounds pretty extremely good—and Jessica's fans chimed in to invite what exactly she did to lose the weight (critically–maximum of the remarks are asking her how she did it). Jessica didn't reveal how she misplaced the load (or at what price), but it begs the question: Is it wholesome to lose that a whole lot weight in any such short amount of time?

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The short, completely underwhelming solution: It relies upon.

Take Jessica's latest being pregnant, as an instance: She noted her maximum weight was 240, this means that that a number of those kilos that she sooner or later lost might were the infant, placenta, fluids, and blood volume, says Cynthia Sass, health contributing nutrition editor.

Whether or not or no longer Jessica breastfed ought to've also played a function in her weight loss. Breastfeeding burns extra calories (approximately three hundred to 500 a day, in line with the U.S. Department of fitness and Human services’ workplace on women’s health), which helps accelerate weight reduction in postpartum women.

According to america countrywide Library of medicine, a department of the country wide Institutes of fitness, it is healthy for postpartum girls to lose about a pound and a 1/2 a week, and most women go back to their pre-pregnancy weight with the aid of six to 12 months after delivery.

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Postpartum weight loss apart, healthful weight loss in popular takes region progressively, normally at a price of 1 to 2 pounds consistent with week, in keeping with the facilities for disorder manage and Prevention that is due to the fact, per the CDC, wholesome weight reduction is not about a food plan or a program, it's approximately life-style adjustments which can final long-time period through wholesome ingesting and exercising behavior.

Jessica spread out about changing her fitness and meals habitual to lose her pregnancy weight in a July interview with people. "i am operating genuinely difficult right now," she stated. "it is no longer smooth at all, but i'm determined to experience right. I have been doing plenty of on foot getting my steps in not handiest burns energy but it additionally helps me clean my head and get focused."

She also said she made adjustments to her weight loss program. "i am eating wholesome tooI determined I really like cauliflower. Who knew it may be an alternative choice to almost whatever?!" she said.

So, even as there's now not enough facts about how Jessica lost weight to decide whether it become entirely healthful or now not, it still serves as a reminder that everybody loses weight otherwise (specially after giving delivery) and that there are loads of different factors that come ito play when it comes to weight reduction.

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