Britney Spears secret: The startling reason why the star actually shaved her hair off

In 2007, the world witnessed Britney Spears struggling with a mental illness that made the star behave in a disruptive way in public places

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In just 14 months, the glorious pop star turned celebrity who was finally chained to her own home, OXO World reports.


Although everyone is clearly aware of the startling decision to shave off their hair, so far no one really knows the real reason for this. A fresh documentary reveals the whole secret.

It all started when the star escaped from his health facility and appeared at the house of ex-husband Kevin Federline. Spears insisted on showing her two sons, Sean and Jayden, but the former refused.

Almost weakened by anger, Spears rushed to the first hair salon and demanded that someone shave off his hair. Esther Tognozz, who was at work, refused to do it in front of 70 photographers, and as soon as she turned her back, the star grabbed the machine and started to cut it.

The bodyguards who saw it all did nothing and simply tried to stop the photographers who wanted to capture the event. "He had five bodyguards who kept an eye on photographers," the hairdresser recalled.

The hairdresser took the star straight to the tattooist, and Emily Wynne-Hughes, who was in the studio that night, remembers it. Wynne-Hughes describes that when the photographers and the star arrived, she heard a wild shout and roar from the yard. "I wasn't sure what was going on, I thought there was a demonstration outside, but then the lightning came on. The door slowly opened and the hooded man stepped in."

The star demanded a tattoo that had the other woman's lips crossed over them. Wynne-Hughes was the first to dare to react, and she also wondered why she was shedding her hair. "His answer was a bit odd. He said I just don't want anyone to touch my head. I don't want anyone to touch my hair. I get tired of everyone ever pinching my hair."

The appearance of the singer began to be closely watched from the 1998 single "Baby One More Time". Everything that and how the star showed itself to the fans was checked.

In contrast, this time the singer's team had no interest in the studio. "They didn't even seem to care. I felt the wild tension and despair that was in the air. Everybody was expecting an explosion."

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