11 facts you didn't know about garlic

Garlic is basically one of the few great ones that can help with just about anything, helping to lower your cholesterol, and one day of garlic protects against blood calcification, heart attack and stroke

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In ancient Greece, athletes ate garlic before going to the Olympics to outdo others. The ancient Romans also used several varieties of onions and garlic in their cooking. Garlic is not only limited to nails, but its kinky shoots, which occur before the flower is formed, can also be used successfully. Let's take a closer look at this wonderland and expand its uses.

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1. Garlic young kinky shoots are also edible

They can be used in pesto, spices, soups, to name only.

2. Where are the most garlic grown? In China of course!

2/3 of the world's garlic production comes from China. Garlic comes from Central Asia and has been grown there for thousands of years before it reached Europe and Africa.

3. On average, a person consumes almost a kilo of garlic a year

This makes about 300 cloves of garlic, assuming that one clove weighs about 3 grams.

4. Garlic is one of the best low cholesterol lowerers

the best way to eat garlic is to cut the nail, it releases the miracle allicin, which has a strong antimicrobial action.

It is also capable of killing bacteria and fungi. Allicin does not have the side effects of most antibiotics, but it is not as potent as penicillin. However, one nail a day protects against vasculitis, heart attack and stroke.

5. Garlic is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that boost and maintain human health

It is high in potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, selenium, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin and vitamin C. Allicin in garlic speeds up the intake of vitamins from food, so it makes sense to use garlic in your vitamin-rich salads.

6. Garlic was already used in antiquity for many different purposes

It is believed that the pyramid builders in Egypt were pampered with garlic so they could still withstand the hard work.

The ancient Egyptian medical manuscript in Eber Papyrus describes 22 different uses of this plant. Garlic is also mentioned in the writings of Virgil and Pliny the Elder, the plant is considered magical.

7. The healing properties of garlic are probably the basis of the most common myth associated with it

The healing properties of garlic were known long before Bram Stoker introduced him in 1897 in the novel "Dracula" as a deterrent to vampires. It is believed that Stoker got this idea from the different properties and uses of garlic, especially since garlic has also been used to deter mosquitoes (think blood sucking).

8. Garlic can be glue

The sticky juice that seeps into garlic is well suited for gluing finer things like glass. Works fine, even though things stink after garlic.

9. Garlic helps against skin problems

For acne and cold sores, it helps to cut the garlic in half and keep it on the skin directly opposite the problem area. As long as you can. Although the smell is not the most pleasant, the anti-bacterial properties of garlic help speed the healing process of the skin.

10. Garlic stinks because of the same therapeutic allicin

The sulfur-containing allin found in garlic is specifically degraded to a fluttering allicin by enzymes only, when the tuber or clove is cleaved and its contents exposed to the air.

11. Garlic salt is a super good anti-slip agent. Mix crushed garlic with coarser salt and give it a try!

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